Is fitness just a beauty filter for you?

As you scroll through the endless stream of pictures on Instagram every morning (who cares if you’re late for work?), every third one you come across is either a fit, Bradley Cooper look-alike or an influencer wearing clothes that you could only wish would look good on you. Tomorrow, pakka, is what you say to yourself. Tomorrow is the day you’ll start dieting, going to the gym e.t.c. Your cousin’s wedding is coming up in a month and you have to lose weight to fit into your sherwani/sari blouse. And then suddenly you remember how your mom’s friend had called you ‘healthy’ the other day and your resolve just gets stronger. You’ll show all those people, they’ll regret saying stuff when you have a transformation just like Hrithik Roshan from K3G. 

 But let us stop you right there. We’re (almost) sure you’ll do all that, but how long will it last? You’ll go to gym for maybe a week or two before burning out, and then go on a crash diet that will just make you crave pizza even more. And you can always buy another overpriced sherwani right? If you see what the problem is, here’s a gold star for you. If you haven’t figured it out yet, don’t worry, it’s really simple. The reason you want to get fit itself is  wrong.  You want to lose weight because you think it’ll make you more agreeable in the eyes of other people. You want to get skinnier because social media, movies and nosy aunties have set certain expectations that you feel you must comply with.

So, before you make any promises to yourself (and your gym trainer), we want you to ask yourself a very important question: why do you want to get fit? Make sure it’s not because for the benefit of other people, but for your own. Workout to have a healthy body and mind, not because you want to hop on to the latest Instagram trend. Workout because you want to see a long-term change in yourself, not because you want to fit into your clothes. And most importantly, Bradley Cooper is one of a kind, so maybe just try to be yourself. 

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